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Producers of "Tikal and Crystal Ponds" brand Shrimp,

the jewels of Guatemala!

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About Us
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As part of our initiative to provide "the best of Guatemala for Guatemala", we now offer our members the premium quality shrimp that is demanded by the most demanding clients in the world.
Founded in 1983, Acuamaya is one of the first aquaculture companies in Guatemala and Central America and pioneers in the development of the shrimp farming industry in Guatemala.
At Acuamaya, we have invested on an on-going basis in research and development and focused our efforts on the optimization of our teams, products, vertically integrated operations and positive incidence with our communities, the environment and friends in the industry.
Regarding our quality farm-raised shrimp, the company can guarantee the most demanding customers the complete traceability of the shrimp they buy under our own brands; beginning with the genetic families raised at our hatchery under the strictest standards, continuing with the growth phase and continual nurturing at each of our production farms, to the processing and finalization of the product under our own brands (Tikal and Crystal Ponds) in our modern processing plant.
As a Guatemalan company with over 37 years in the global markets, we are proud to be able to continue guaranteeing the satisfaction of our clients worldwide.
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