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The Shrimp Community by Acuamaya

Hello, don't miss your delicious shrimp, order them now!

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Delicious Taste:

Shrimp from Guatemala have a delicious flavor that distinguishes it around the world (try it!)


Highly Nutritious:

Loaded with vitamins and minerals, low in fat and with omega 3

Very easy to prepare:

Very easy to prepare the way you like best (see our recipes)

Ideal for sharing:

Excellent option to share with family and good friends every week!


The Tasty Shrimp Club is born from Acuamaya’s desire, one of the pioneers in the production of shrimp from Guatemala, to offer to local customers, our tasty, export quality shrimp, which are highly appreciated by customers around the world.


We want to share the experiences and knowledge that we have developed about shrimp for more than 35 years in the industry, in a reliable, fun and different way.

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With Innovative Chefs from Guatemala
Our Chefs
Euda Chef Inicio
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